Dean Street Townhouse

I wasn’t aware that Dean Street Townhouse served a Scotch egg, so what a pleasant surprise I received to find the little product on the menu. It arrived nicely presented on a Trespa wood board, some curling, green garnish and a pot of caper mayonaise that I didn’t try. The Scotch egg was warm and the golden casing deep-fried and crunchy. The meat was a little over-seasoned with spice and this overpowered the pork. The egg white shell was springy and the golden yolk a little knotty and waxy. Not ear-waxy, but a glowing orange putty. It was tasty, just not runny, or dry, but somewhere inbetween the two.

At £5.00 it’s one of the more expensive Scotch eggs I’ve tasted, but it’s not the best. It’s not even the second best. The Dean Street Townhouse Scotch egg is pretty in presentation and tastes very good, but there’s something lacking.

Price: £5.00
Overall: 3/5

Dean Street Townhouse
71 Dean Street
020 7434 1775

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3 responses to “Dean Street Townhouse

  1. What’s a Trespa board?

  2. Trespa wood. They’re a posh wood supplier. I was trying to be current.

  3. Greg

    £5 for a Scotch Egg!!! Really? Bloody hell. Was it really good?


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