In conversation with… Dom Joly

Dom Joly is a British television comedian and journalist. He came to note as the star of Trigger Happy TV, a show that was sold to over seventy countries worldwide. He has just released a Book called The Dark Tourist and is currently developing a movie called War Of The Flea. He recently left the Australian jungle after finishing fourth in I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

I spoke to Dom about his favourite Scotch egg and if he remembers the first one he ever tried? Here are his answers:

Q. In three words, how would you describe a Scotch egg?
A. Yummy, comforting, satisfying.

Q. Best served hot or cold?
A. Cold.

Q. Served with or without condiments? If with, then which?
A. To my great shame – salad cream – very common.

Q. Are there any variations on the Scotch egg that you’ve tried? Some chefs have used venison meat and there’s the Manchester example made with black pudding instead of sausage meat.
A. Well, I’ve had one made of wild boar and quail egg.

Q. In your opinion, where serves the best Scotch egg?
A. Simpson’s in the Strand.

Q. Can you remember the first Scotch egg you ever had?
A. Yes, terrible one at eight-years-old on a school picnic, it nearly put me off for life.

You can follow Dom on Twitter at: @domjoly

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  1. Sam

    He’s on tour at the moment. You should ask him to discuss scotch eggs & you might get a ref back to this interview & website?

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