Casablanca Wee Ones

This delectable little Ferrero Rocher-type treat has a noticeable fiery inner-casing and a feverish tinge that follows on the tongue. It’s perfectly poppable in the mouth with a meaty and well-seasoned texture. The quail egg at the centre is cushioned by fired-up pork seasoned with Moroccan harrissa, fresh chilli, smoked paprika and red peppers. It’s the paprika and red pepper that really come through and leave for an excitable pallet.


38% free-range Saddleback pork sausagemeat (minimum 80%), rusk (wheat gluten), raising agent (E503-ii), stabiliser (E451 (i), flavour enhancer (E621), preservative agent (E221), colour  (E128), anttixoidents (E304 (i), E307), acid (E330), 34%, quail eggs, Harissa paste, ground nut/vegetable oil (anti-foaming agent (E900)), fresh red chillies, Paprika, fresh crumbled bread (wheat flour emulsifier (E471), (E472e), flower improver (E300).

Price: 85p

Overall: 3/5

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