The Bull & Last

Like the Coach & Horses, the Scotch egg at The Bull & Last has somewhat of a cult following. It’s iconic, a mini-masterpiece among regulars. Case in point was my visit on a Monday evening, bumping into the actor (and voice of Bob the Builder) Neil Morrissey who told me of his adoration for the pub’s meaty snack.

The spherical orb was large and sliced in half. Unfortunately it was cold, apparently the remaining egg of a previous batch left on the bar to entice drinkers. Such a shame. Still, you could taste that it was well-seasoned, the thin layer of breadcrumbs a little soft and lacking in bite but there was a meaty casing and the yellow yolk remained ever so slightly inky.

It was seasoned nicely with black pepper and no complications with other herbs or seasoning in the meat. At £3.00 it’s a well-priced snack for somewhere with such a reputation, but what a shame it wasn’t fresh and warm. I shall have to return soon and dive into a freshly prepped example.

Price: £3.00
Overall: 4/5

The Bull & Last
168 Highgate Road
020 7267 3641

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