JC Rook & Sons

An unusually small, pinhole yolk sits as a speck on an otherwise perfect egg. The butcher’s Scotch egg is served cold so there’s no warmth or crunch from the casing. The breadcrumbs create only a a very loose coating, so much so you can see the sausage meat. The case is smooth and there’s a distinct lack on breadcrumbs used. Perhaps not enough egg yolk and flower was used, so the breacrumbs refused to stick.

You can tell good quality sausage meat has been used though, and the only seasoning is a pinch of pepper (which is enough for me, let the full flavour of the meat and egg come through).

I had almost made up my mind on a 2/5 marking, however this is handmade from a local butcher and priced at only 79p. For this I am presenting my first .5 grade.

Price: 79p

Overall: 2.5/5

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One response to “JC Rook & Sons

  1. Scott James

    Looks tiny and the egg doesn’t look great.

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