The Alexandra

If there’s a chef in London with a better repuation for Scotch eggs than The Alexandra’s Dave Ahern, then show him to me.

After a successful period at fellow Young’s pub The Ship in Wandsworth, Dave took over the reigns in the kitchen at The Alexandra in Wimbledon. His Scotch eggs on the menu are titled: ‘Dave’s special recipe with HP sauce’, and are made using black pudding breadcrumbs from Clonakilty in Ireland.

They’re beefy morsals with a wide rim of warm sausage meat holding a creamy egg with sunshine yolk. The black breadcrumbs have a deep crunch and Dave admits that even if a little burnt it improves the bite.

There’s a real battle on for the first Scotch Egg Challenge later in the month and The Alexandra’s entry is going to be a geniune contender.

Price: £3.75
Overall: 5/5

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