The Durrell Arms

I stumbled on this Scotch egg rather by accident. I wasn’t aware they were served at The Durrell Arms. Looking around the room they seemed to be popular, a good sign for a pub at £4.00 each. That’s more expensive than The Ship, The Alexandra, The Bull & Last and Michelin-rated the Harwood Arms and The Hinds Head. This must be a very fine Scotch egg to receive all those orders, I thought. I was excited.

It arrived having already been cut in half, so the satisfying slice and great unveil had been taken away from me. A scraggy breadcrumb casing was paper-thin and the sausage meat was as pink as my thumb and very substandard. The egg was fine but a stiff yolk meant there was no oozing or creamy richness.

The meat was hot but tasted under seasoned, it was without depth of flavour and the humdrum egg did nothing to lift the taste. A side of good quality chutney was able to disguise the very poor texture, but surely this wasn’t its intended use. A disaster.

Price: £4.00
Overall: 1/5

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