A Japanese Scotch egg? It’s really not that different from the English product. Tsuru replace pork with beef and the panko breadcrumbs appear to be of a thicker cut (rolled twice?), but the other aspects are similar.

The Tsuru Scotch egg is a fine specimen. It’s the size of a heavyweight’s fist with a thick, meaty rim (20% fat steak mince) cushioning a well-cooked (and runny) centre egg. Freshly served and pipping hot, there’s an excitable crunch from the golden breadcrumb casing.

I seasoned part with a mix of seven spices and the remaining I dip into a bowl of Katsu curry for a spicy Asian slap. It’s a wonderful construction with each aspect of the Scotch egg considered and structured together without straying far from the famed traditional version.

Price: £3.60
Overall: 5/5

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