Another big entry with this cricket ball-sized Scotch egg from Cleavers butchers in Wandsworth Town. When cut down the centre the two halves are almost as big as some single Scotch eggs I’ve tried. There is a distinct separation between the breadcrumbs and the meat (Cumberland sausage), and the egg rattles in its casing. The well-seasoned, thick rim of sausage meat falls from the breadcrumbs and onto the plate. It is not bound to the panko wrapping and the assembly is broken.

The egg is free range and creamy. The yolk has a darker colouring than I’ve seen before, almost¬†apricot. It’s good; no satisfying crunch or warm, runny yolk, however the Cumberland sausage is rich and for the price it’s one hell of a snack.

Price: £1.95

Overall: 3/5

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  1. peter

    i have tried all 3 of there flavoured scotch eggs and i recommend the black pudding or the chilli,, they are fantastic..

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