Peyton and Byrne

What a treat while waiting for my train at St. Pancras. Not simply that I found Peyton and Byrne, but that they were serving warm Scotch eggs among the gooey fig rolls and Victoria Sponges. Result! A nice little price too at £2.50, as it meant coffee and a Scotch egg from a fiver. And very pleasing it was too.

The nose tingling sensation from warm sausage meat (100% Gloucester old spot pig) rose slowly and seductively into my nostrils, causing all the right stirrings. Seasoned with a little black pepper, a redolent lick heated the month.

The casing was crunchy and the centre egg perfectly boiled. There was no runny yolk but that’s fine. Instead a little glowing sun, warm and teasing.The sum of its parts all executed neatly and there’s no greater surprise and reward from a Scotch egg.

There’s also a new Chickpea Scotch Egg launched by Peyton and Byrne: spiced chickpea, carrots, tomatoes and roasted cauliflower wrapped around a free range egg. I shall be sampling soon. Very soon.

Price: £2.50
Overall: 4/5

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