The Hinds Head

A true example of golden orbed, eggy beauty. This is a very fine Scotch egg. A very fine one, indeed. It’s everything I could wish for: the golden breadcrumb casing is thickly applied, freshly crisp, and crunches against my teeth. The sausage meat is fresh and fragrant, simply seasoned, and meaty, meaty, meaty. Oh! and the egg. That centre quail’s egg… the winning pearl. It’s creamy and perfectly boiled; the warm, glowing orange yolk oozing from it’s interior across the plate. I use my fingers as ‘soldiers’ to dip-in and mop-up the tangerine gooeyness, sucking the vitellus from my fingertips.

Head Chef, Kevin Love takes his Scotch eggs seriously (as does Heston Blumenthal- proprietor), and it shows. This noble snack has become their signature dish and won my ‘David J Constable ‘Forever Eggsploring’ Award for Best Scotch Egg 2011′ at the Scotch Egg Challenge, the homemade trophy now sits proudly in the Hinds Head trophy cabinet.

Price: £3.50
Overall: 5/5

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One response to “The Hinds Head

  1. Laura Hurley

    Looks amazing. Would be good dipping some asparagus tips in the yolk.

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