Artisan du Chocolat (Easter Special)

A prize for the person who can to tell me the connection between chocolate and Easter… no? Okay, rabbits and Easter… no? Mini eggs and Easter? Okay, Scotch eggs and Easter… it doesn’t matter anyway. Artisan du Chocolat have found a way of combining ‘chocolate’ and ‘Scotch eggs’ with Easter, and if you find that wrong, then consider the entire principle of our Lord Jesus and the chocolate celebration at this time of year.

This special Easter cocoa concoction – an irreverent take on the classic savoury snack - not only looks, smells and tastes extraordinary, but as far as I’m aware, is the first of its kind.

The egg white is vanilla ganache, the yolk is passion fruit ganache which is sweet and heavenly and the pork is spongy chocolate marshmallow with dots of puffed rice for crunch. The marshmallow has a rubbery consistency rather than soft and melting and is disappointing in comparison with the accomplishment of the egg, which is smooth and creamy like a truffle confection. The outside is grated chocolate for that rough breadcrumb appearance. It’s quite an assembly.

Price: £12.99
Overall: 4/5

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2 responses to “Artisan du Chocolat (Easter Special)

  1. That is plain fucking amazing. Brilliant idea, and although you may have me run out of town on a horse backwards, a better thing than the original.

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