Fortnum & Mason chorizo

It’s always a treat buying a Scotch egg from Fortnum & Mason. There’s arguably no greater home in the world for the savoury snack, after all, it’s been 274 years since F&M developed the idea of the golden-orbed delight in an attempt to fortify travellers leaving Piccadilly on the stagecoach.

The addition of chorizo to the recipe is not something new. I’ve sampled several variations of spicy Scotch eggs on my travels and enjoy the fiery lingering that’s left in my mouth. There’s something very clever about a heated-tang cutting through the density of the meat and the creaminess of the egg. Here, it’s a rich and fatty meat and the lasting flavour is definitely the chorizo.

The orb is smooth as a result of very fine breadcrumbs. I prefer the thicker blend of breadcrumbs, creating that rugged, rustic appearance, and when fresh and served warm, there’s that ever-pleasing ‘crunch’. The meat is rich, littered with small cubings of Spanish chorizo which trigger the taste buds into excitement. The sensation does overpower the other components, however what a flavour to take control.

For the price it’s a very reasonable creation; strong textures, good in size and a twist on the classic Scotch egg, developed here, in the royal supermarket.

Price: £2.95
Overall: 4/5

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