My recipes:

Duck Scotch eggs with chilli flakes & coriander

Chef recipes:

Simon Rimmer: Scotch Egg Recipe

Brett Graham: Venison Scotch eggs

Heston Blumenthal: Scotch Egg Recipe

James Sommerin: Quail egg Scotch egg

Fabulous Baker Brothers: Haggis Scotch eggs

Fabulous Baker Brothers: Scotch Egg Recipe

Gizzi Erskine: Bombay potato Scotch egg

Jamie Oliver: Wild Alaska salmon Scotch egg

Jamie Oliver: Wee butifarra scotch eggs

Jamie Oliver’s “Proper Scotch eggs with lovely Scottish cheese & pickle”

April Bloomfield: Scotch Egg Recipe

Richard Corrigan: Salt cod Scotch eggs with aioli

Galton Blackiston: Quail Scotch eggs with bois boudran dipping sauce

Phil Howard: Smoked venison scotch egg with Nespresso brown sauce

Paul Ainsworth: Smoked haddock scotch egg with a black pudding and pickled onion salad

Paul Rankin and Nick Nairn’s Ulster Scotch Egg

Glynn Purnell’s Duck Scotch eggs

Mark Hix’s fish Scotch egg (The Cobb)

Rose Prince: Smoked haddock kitcharie with smoked-fish Scotch eggs


Scotch Egg with Apple (from Country Show Cook Off)

Egg Boss: Akee and Salt Fish Scotch egg

Chinese Scotch eggs by Hollow Legs

The Global Gastronome: Spicy Scotch eggs

Cadbury Creme Scotch Eggs (

Falafel Scotch Eggs with Ginger & Verjuice Tahini (by Bethany Kehdy)

MiMo’s Gastropub

Lisa Faulkner’s Scotch eggs recipe with homemade piccalilli

Brummie Tummy blog recipe

Waitrose Scotch egg pie

Felicity Cloake’s veggie spicy chickpea scotch egg recipe

Alfie’s Scotch Quail Eggs

Molly Yeh’s Scotch Eggs (Made at Home)

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3 responses to “Recipes

  1. @1bugs1

    Nah á boiled egg = ok too :P

  2. Maria Rees

    Heston Blumenthal will be doing Scotch eggs in his new Channel 4 programme next week. Did they approach you for any information of to feature? If not then they should have.

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