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The Butcher & Grill

This croquette-looking example of a Scotch egg from Battersea’s The Butcher & Grill was chosen from their deli section. Upon purchase I was asked whether I’d like it served hot or cold and being a stickler for a fresh, pipping hot Scotch egg with the warm texture of fatty meat and a runny yolk released upon contact with a knife, I opted for hot.

My new purchase was then plated and put into the microwave on full power for a minute. ‘Bing!’ went the dreaded sound, as my savoury acquirement was ready for my compsumption; re-heated, spongy and the breadcrumbs soggy.

It was the lifeless breadcrumbs that were the greatest disappointment. There once thick crunchiness had been stolen and replaced by clammy sand. The meat was actually pretty good. I seasoned some more with ground black pepper, but otherwise it was rich and steaming. The egg was perfectly boiled and although the yolk had found itself somewhere between life once as a stone cold centre and a full-wated minute in a hot microwave, it kept its durability and the yolk remained bright and soft, without being either runny or waxy.

Price: £2.65

Overall: 2/5

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