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The Coach and Horses

Much has been said about the Coach & Horses Scotch egg. It’s mortifying that its taken me this long to try the staple from the Clerkenwell tavern. Some have even stated that their entry for the bar snack is amongst the best they’ve tasted. This visit was overdue.

The £3.95 Scotch egg arrived sliced in half, revealing the glowing, moist yolk and meaty rim. The breadcrumb casing was thinner than I’d expected – while remaining crispy – and broke away easily from the sausage meat like slipping off a jacket. It was served with English mustard, salt and pepper. The meat seemed slightly under-cooked however and had a rose-pink tinge that made me cautious. Peppering the snack only masked the problem and while it gave a piquant lift to the meat it eclipsed the egg.

Price: £3.95
Overall: 3/5

The Coach and Horses
26-28 Ray Street
020 7278 8990

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The Pig’s Ear

The Pig’s Ear scotch egg is an interesting concept, almost overshadowed by a side of two crispy pork scratchings, pickled baby onions and a sprinkling of sea salt, plus a dollop of English mustard. The egg itself is more dome-shaped that spherical creating a better representation of the egg and it’s contents. Once cut, the meat is soft and the egg runny (ish). In fact, my friend had a runnier yolk than mine and that pissed me right off! The breadcrumbs seemed finer than other eggs and lacked that exciting crunch when bitten.

I’m not a mustard fan so skipped the glowing condiment. I thought it would have been nice to have had the option: ketchup or mustard, instead of being given the sharp and pungent paste. But full-marks for the overall presentation (as you’d expect carrying a colossal price tag of £4.50), precise Feng Shui placement on a wooden board created a rustic and modern bar snack.

Price: £4.50
Overall: 4/5

The Pig’s Ear
35 Old Church Street
020 7352 2908

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