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Harvey Nichols Wild Boar

Along with the likes of Fortnum & Mason, the Harvey Nichols Scotch egg is one of the more stylish creations of the snack and they too have put their own mark on the meaty morsel by replacing sausage meat with wild boar.

Only three centuries ago wild boar could be found roaming freely in the English countryside. Their deliciously rich meat was highly prized and they were hunted to near extinction by the aristocracy. Farmed boar today is largely obtained from Eastern Europe, however large collections remain in Scottish estates.

The meat is rich and works well with pepper. Here however it overpowers the light, creaminess of the egg and the thin breadcrumb casing. The texture and spiciness of the meat means that it’s the lasting flavour.

Price: £3.50

Overall: 3/5

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