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In conversation with… Kate Spicer

Kate Spicer is a lifestyle journalist who has written on a wide variety of subjects, from fashion to food. She is a contributing features writer for The Sunday Times Style and has written restaurant reviews for The Sunday Times and The Evening Standard, as well as also appearing as a judge on BBC’s MasterChef. On top of all of this, she is a documentarist who has explored the world of botox and more recently, sought out Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich along with her two brothers in a feature entitled Mission to Lars.

With a reputation for straight talking I threw a few questions at Kate about the little golden-orbed pub snack, and here are her answers:

Q. In three words, how would you describe a Scotch egg?
A. Porky, egg, love!

Q. Best served hot or cold?
A. I like warm, but there’s something uniquely delicious about the taste of the pork infused egg white on a cold cheap Scotch egg. If my stepmothers fishing them out the deep-fat fryer then I’ll huff and blow and puff till it’s just cool enough to scald my mouth and eat straight away.

Q. Served with or without condiments? If with, then which?
A. If it’s seasoned correctly, then with none.

Q. Are there any variations on the Scotch egg that you enjoy? Some chefs choose venison over sausage meat, others may try to spice the meat etc.
A. Look, love, I’ve had some posh eggs in places like Hix and some exotic variations on the theme at the Cinnamon Club. I liked Mark Hix’s fish Scotch egg too at his restaurant in Lyme Regis, but for me, common as I am pet, they are the luxury climax of the car picnic, and as such I prefer a good shop bought one – the Gourmet Scotch Egg Company in Bristol is infinitely better than sad old Ginsters, though the sausage-meat jacket could be a little thicker – eaten on the move, perhaps with some quavers and a bit of Radio 2?

Q. In your opinion, where serves the best Scotch egg?
A. The Bath Arms, the pub on the Longleat Estate.

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Image copyright of Tony Buckingham ©2009

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