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A Japanese Scotch egg? It’s really not that different from the English product. Tsuru replace pork with beef and the panko breadcrumbs appear to be of a thicker cut (rolled twice?), but the other aspects are similar.

The Tsuru Scotch egg is a fine specimen. It’s the size of a heavyweight’s fist with a thick, meaty rim (20% fat steak mince) cushioning a well-cooked (and runny) centre egg. Freshly served and pipping hot, there’s an excitable crunch from the golden breadcrumb casing.

I seasoned part with a mix of seven spices and the remaining I dip into a bowl of Katsu curry for a spicy Asian slap. It’s a wonderful construction with each aspect of the Scotch egg considered and structured together without straying far from the famed traditional version.

Price: £3.60
Overall: 5/5

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The Ploughman’s

This is the first Scotch egg I’ve tried that combines cheese in its makeup. It really binds the sausage meat and other ingredients resulting in a slightly chewy, richer in flavour, body. When cut, there are smooth squeezes of runny cheese that stick to the knife and eventually the teeth. It’s not enough of an overriding flavour to mask the sausage however the onion does have a persistent taste.

The shell is golden thick, rolled generously in panko breadcrumbs, while the egg is cooked precisely (as you’d expect from The Handmade Scotch Egg Company). Serve alongside a spicy chutney!

Price: £2.65

Overall: 3/5

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