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The Pig’s Ear

The Pig’s Ear scotch egg is an interesting concept, almost overshadowed by a side of two crispy pork scratchings, pickled baby onions and a sprinkling of sea salt, plus a dollop of English mustard. The egg itself is more dome-shaped that spherical creating a better representation of the egg and it’s contents. Once cut, the meat is soft and the egg runny (ish). In fact, my friend had a runnier yolk than mine and that pissed me right off! The breadcrumbs seemed finer than other eggs and lacked that exciting crunch when bitten.

I’m not a mustard fan so skipped the glowing condiment. I thought it would have been nice to have had the option: ketchup or mustard, instead of being given the sharp and pungent paste. But full-marks for the overall presentation (as you’d expect carrying a colossal price tag of £4.50), precise Feng Shui placement on a wooden board created a rustic and modern bar snack.

Price: £4.50
Overall: 4/5

The Pig’s Ear
35 Old Church Street
020 7352 2908

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