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Down the cakehole: Scotch eggs

Having started out rather by accident on Twitter, there is a competition fast gathering momentum in London.

On September 20, London’s first #ScotchEggChallenge will take place at The Ship pub in Wandsworth from 7.30pm (theship.co.uk).

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Young’s pub holds Scotch egg challenge

Top Young’s gastropub The Ship at Wandsworth is hosting a contest to find out the pub that makes the best Scotch egg in London.

At last count, 22 entrants had been confirmed, including The Drapers Arms in Islington, The Devonshire Arms in Chiswick and The Bull and Last in Highgate.

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The Ship

First signs were not good. No Scotch egg on the menu. And then, as if beckoned by angels, written on a red wall in white chalk, “Major Scotch eggs £2.95.” Hope.

But “Major”? Ah, I see, they’re like a rugby ball in breadcrumbs. An oval, golden orb with a warm breadcrumb casing and inside, oozing the boundaries with soft piggy-meat and seasoning; some parsley, finely chopped dill? Is that some carrot too? The egg at the centre, soft and runny. Heart-warming.

Across the table sat Masterchef winner Dhuv Baker mopping up the last of his, and so, to quote one who knows, “The world is a better place thanks to The Ship’s Scotch egg.” (Dhruv Baker, January 2011).

Price: £2.95
Overall: 5/5


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