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Black Watch

This chunky, fist-sized entry won the ‘Great Taste Gold Award’ in 2009 and is a favourite of Tom Parker-Bowles. As you can see from the picture, a thick and meaty rim cases the boiled egg, and contains, within the black pudding: blood, pearl barley, pork fat, oatmeal, onions and spices. A high proportion of oatmeal is often used in black pudding (as are onions) to absorb the pork blood.

The breadcrumb casing is thinner than some other Scotch eggs but Black Watch is all about the contents and a decision to replace standard sausage meat with black pudding. It’s a masculine globe with similarities to the Manchester Egg (pickled egg in a sausage and black-pudding coating). Yet, despite its acclaim and luminary following, I found the ingredients too dense and metallic, but then, I’m not a great black pudding supporter.

Price: £2.65

Overall: 2/5


Black Pudding (blood, pearl barley, pork fat, rusk, oatmeal, onions, salt, spices, herbs, triphoshate colours (E51), (E123), 35%), hard boiled large free-range egg 33%, free-range pork sausagemeat (pork; min 75%), rusk (wheat, gluten), stabiliser (E451(i)), flavour enhancer (E621), preservative (E221), colour (E120), antioxidants (E304(i), acid (E330), fresh crumbed bread (wheat flour emulsifer (E471), (E472e), flour improver (E300), ground nut/vegetable oil (anti-foaming agent (E900)).

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