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This is the type of petrol station pick-up that saps your energy. The 1950s package design screams disappointment, gluten, sulphates and saturated fat. The inferior wrapping glows from the buzzing refrigerator; cerulean blue and claret. Walls mark it with their logo and stamp: ‘Proper Food Since 1786.’ Only forty-eight years after the invention of the Scotch egg – so they claim to be quick off the mark.

And after all this. All the belittling and word-bashing, it’s actually okay. First thoughts are that it’s as expected: seasoned pork sausage meat wrapped around a whole hard boiled egg and coated in breadcrumbs.

Yes the breadcrumbs are crumbling, fine and thinly-applied. They’re dank and uninspiring, but surprisingly the sausage meat is rather good, peppered and flavoursome. There’s a decent amount (about 1cm) cushioning the centre egg. Also in the seasoning, according to the ingredients listing, is: sage, rapeseed oil, and herb extracts.

The egg is without that daunting green/blue highlight and has a bright yellow core. Apart from that, it’s traditionally set and without excitement.

Price: £1.89

Overall: 2.5/5

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